Created by Brooke Tibbs and me, and directed by multi-award winner James E. Duff, Broken Land is the most personal project I've worked on to date. Our short-format web series is inspired by the often brutal, sometimes hilarious truths behind our closest relationships - and by the diversity and beauty of Brooklyn, my home for the past twelve years.

Broken Land is a naturalistic comedy/drama about a handful of Brooklynites striving for connection, often in cringe-worthy, emotionally disastrous ways. The series unfolds as a series of vignettes following an aspiring actress who is living with her acting teacher, a broken-hearted real estate agent, and a passionate artist ready to call off her engagement. 

Life hurts - and the characters in Broken Land experience a smorgasbord of pain stemming from infidelity to gentrification, self-delusion, mental illness and more. The shite of life is on full display but there is also something fundamentally funny (and occasionally beautiful) about being alive in this incredible place at this unique time in history. If anything, this is the show’s fundamental belief. 

  • Length: 20-25 minutes (future episodes will be about half this length)
  • Anticipated Shoot: Summer 2017
  • Anticipated Release: Fall 2017
  • Budget: dude eating expired ramen out of a dumpster - until the campaign is funded. Then we get the lobster.
  • Union?: No
  • Location: Almost all locations are in North Brooklyn.
  • Cameras: 2
  • Crew: Small.
  • Cast: All roles have breakdowns out on Actors Access and we have some very promising submissions!
  • How we work: The production team lives on Slack (die email, die!), Trello, and Google Docs at the moment. People who know what they're doing have called us “very well organized".
  • Long term plan: Brooke and I would love to have HBO knocking down our door to buy/make Broken Land but we’re making it because its a story we very much want to tell ourselves.
  • Production motto: “If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong.”

Give us a shout for the password to open these docs.