I Feel Inadequate Next To This Man

I am a serial “unsubscriber”. If you want my email address to stay on your list, you need to either be f*cking brilliant and generous with your wisdom, or you need to be offering me a ridiculous deal. One of the few lists I stay on (that falls into the brilliant category) belongs to Mark Manson. In fact, as I write this entry in my own blog I can't help but feel woefully inadequate. The way Mark cuts through the bullshit we consume (and occasionally produce) as we move through this life is simply brilliant. I am not being compensated in any way for saying this. Judge for yourself. Here are some of the best quotes from his last two blog posts on The Virtue of Doubt and The Hidden Costs of Happiness:

On Doubt & Super Beliefs

"Super Beliefs are beliefs that are so big and abstract that they encompass all other beliefs and experiences that could potentially contradict them. As a result, Super Beliefs cannot be proven or disproven, since all experience falls under their umbrella…
'Something is only true if there is evidence to support it,' is another Super Belief. 'God has a plan for everyone,' is another. 'We are all spiritually connected and one with the universe,' is another...

The only true Super Belief is that no Super Belief is completely true. That is, the only certainty is that nothing is certain.
Doubt today is more important than ever. With ever-dwindling attention available for each issue, with a glut of information and contrary information available, with the ease in which the internet allows us to surround ourselves with only those who agree with us, the ability to hold onto doubt will become a virtue in our 21st-century society. It will distinguish those who are able to reason and synthesize information from those who will lash out and go with the day’s biggest trend. It will differentiate those who can find their own way in a sea of opportunity and haze of information and those who drown in the digital noise."

On The Hidden Costs of Happiness

“- You must accept imperfection and flaws
- You must take responsibility for your problems
- You must feel the fear and do it anyway
- You must find a deeper purpose to your actions
- You must be willing to fail and be embarrassed”

Both are highly recommended reading. That is all.