Social Experiments

Radical Niceness: Our Results

As my family squeezed into place for the overnight flight to Buenos Aires I made sure to tap all of our seat neighbors on the shoulder and give them one of our tiny care packages (a pair of ear plugs, a Hershey's Kiss and a brief note explaining that this was Adrian's first flight). Without exception they were super-gracious and most of them got to chatting with one another after I turned away.
"What a great idea!"
One of them insisted that I had stumbled upon a brilliant business opportunity. The trio of Argentine Orthodox men seated behind us even peeked over to get a look at our baby and played peek-a-boo with him for what seemed like a half hour. Adrian was all smiles. The most interesting reaction we had was from the flight crew, who gathered one by one in the back of the plane discreetly enjoying the Hershey's Kisses and proclaiming our little experiment "the nicest thing we've ever seen a passenger do". At least two of them Instagramed photos of our plastic packets.
After all that Adrian slept for almost the entire flight and never even cried! Still the good vibes help make the flight that much more relaxing. All in all we made 100 packets for four flights - at a cost of less than $20. We ended up using less than 50 so we're already stocked for summer vacation. LA here we come!

An Experiment in Radical Niceness

NYC I'm a baby hater. Always have been - at least until nine months ago when this guy was born. As I write this my family and I are minutes away from boarding a red-eye flight from New York to Buenos Aires and incurring all kinds of sideways looks. I am about to become the traveling parent I have spent my whole life hating. Karma's a bitch.

So what happens if I preempt the cosmic forces of baby-hating karma by giving out earplugs and chocolates with sweet notes attached to anyone seated nearby? Will the passengers treat us better than I expect? Will the flight attendants go out of their way to help us out? We're about to find out...